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To Airbrush? or Not to Airbrush?

Actually, I use both. Before I explain why I am not solely an airbrush user, let me explain the differences between airbrush makeup and "regular" makeup. Airbrushing or airbrush makeup involves using a compressor and a spray nozzle to spray tiny particles of pigment/airbrush foundation onto the skin. This type of foundation can cover very well and create a flawless complexion. Regular makeup allows for the use of any brand foundation to be blended into the skin using brushes for a flawless complexion. If your makeup artist is very good, both methods are great for creating a flawless complexion so don't be sold on either until you consult with your makeup artist. I feel it is the makeup artist's responsibility to inform you which is best for you and your skin type. Remember, that airbrush makeup typically costs more than regular makeup, so before you over-pay, be informed! I have found that the perfect complexion for airbrush makeup is a normal to oily skin type, free of facial hair (even fuzz), youthful having no lines, and when a porcelain-like complexion is desired. Because airbrush makeup is very dry, it can be irritating to a very dry-skinned client. It can also have a tendency to look unnatural when the skin is dry. It is imperative that the client not have facial hair of any kind, or the tiny particles will affix themselves to the facial hair and look unnatural. And lastly, because the airbrush makeup is applied without brushes or without blending, even tiniest lines and wrinkles will become accentuated. All of these reasons would make regular makeup a much better choice for the above-mentioned client.With the mainstream use of airbrush makeup, regular makeup has sometimes been given a bad rap. It has taken me a while to find a "regular" foundation that I just love, and I have 4 different ones I use. I have tried many other brands, always finding some flaw with most. Traveling with 4 types of "regular" foundations allows for me to pick the right one for my client and her needs. And with the combination of a cleansed, lightly moistened skin, primer, foundation, and makeup setter I am able to provide my clients with a flawless complexion that lasts for hours. I am not ready to divulge which foundations I use, but I can tell you that it is not MAC. I have found that most of my clients prefer a natural, healthy looking complexion that I cannot achieve as well with heavily pigmented foundations.I hope this helps you in your search for that perfect complexion!Take care,Elena Joseph

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