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The Importance of Nourishing Your Skin

As a woman in my 40's I can share with you my own journey of maturing, as well as, my experience as a makeup artist with working with all ages of women. The truth I've found through it all, your skin is key in revealing your age & daily habits.

Looking at your skin almost at every age I can tell your daily habits. I can tell if you are, or ever was, a sun worshipper. I can most likely tell if you are a smoker and I can tell if you drink enough water throughout the day. I can tell your age within 5 years and I can tell if you have collagen or botox. Your skin tells me all this information.

So looking at my own skin I have seen changes throughout my 20's, 30's & 40's and can share with you my experience and my routine. In my 20's, probably because I'm Italian and was never that skinny kid, my face was full of collagen & voluminous. I had rounded cheeks and my face appeared more round/oval. My pores were non-existent and my daily skin regiment was non-existent, too. I felt as though I didn't need to do anything. I felt my 20's were really good and I've found it to be the easiest age group for makeup application.

For me, because I've always been a late bloomer, my early thirties were the best! My skin and facial features really began to blossom. The roundness of my face began to soften, but still maintain some volume. Not a wrinkle in sight! It was good times, except for maybe that constant shine I always wore. My skin which had been somewhat oily throughout my teens & twenties, became even more oily as I entered further into my thirties. With excessive oils comes two things, one good and one not so good. I began to have adult acne. With being constantly told how fortunate I was to have oily skin and how I would some day appreciate it, I didn't feel so fortunate. I never experienced terrible breakouts in my teens, but I was having them now. I guess the upside, no wrinkles, yet. So in my late thirties I began my skin regime, too. What occurred out of necessity for controlling excessive oils, evolved into a need for a skin care routine. As my thirties had me really caring about the future of my skin, I began applying under eye cream like it was my job! I applied it first thing in the morning and again at night. I experimented with all types of cleansers, creams & toners. I found that not only is my skin oily, that it was sensitive, too. It didn't fair well with extreme ingredients and reacted horribly. Upside, no wrinkles, yet!

Then things began to change when I rounded the corner into my forties. Not necessarily when I hit forty, but rather, a few years in. I noticed that the skin around my jowls were losing something, something it needed, volume! Women in their thirties and forties begin to lose volume in their faces. Their chins and facial features becomes more defined, more chiseled in appearance. They begin to lose the volume around their eyes, too. The fat stored under the skin which gives you a youthful volume begins to deplete. You experience darker under eye areas, and your skin becomes thinner. Thinner skin is ideal for the formation of wrinkles and makeup application is definitely more challenging. Sound terrible, yet? Well, it is. So, what do you do about it?

Having a skin care routine and having the right makeup is key. The earlier you participate in your skin, the better. Although I didn't begin mine until my mid thirties, you really should begin one in your twenties. The importance of facials is key, too. I can share my own experience with you regarding this area by going back and revisiting that skin around my jowls. In my career I have been truly blessed to have been introduced to Toni Sloman with Skin Savvy. With her patience and guidance my skin has truly become transformed. It looks better now than when I began this journey into my forties and I am forty six, now. And it's not because of botox which I am not allowed to do for spousal reasons. With Toni's help I have found the right cleanser, toner and overnight lotion and, most importantly, was introduced to the Hydrafacial. After a series of 4 monthly facials, my skin began to experience the volume it once had. I noticed that my problematic areas, mostly with skin texture and skin discoloration was vastly improving. I couldn't wait to go back and receive another facial. The more I received them, the better my skin got. It truly is an amazing and non-invasive way to improve your skin's appearance. I highly recommend it.

Your makeup is important, too. More youthful skin can wear any type of makeup where mature skin needs more diffusers. Because pores become enlarged as we age, they need to be minimized, or your age will be told through your skin. Over the past 15 years I have worked with all types of makeup. Some I have liked and some I just didn't. I currently carry 5 types of foundations to accommodate every type of skin. The makeup I use and sell took me a long time to develop. Pavone makeup is that makeup. A little goes a long way in diffusing imperfections. If you are interested in a skin perfecting makeup product, check out The Store.

If you're interested in knowing my skin care routine, I'm more than happy to share it with you.

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